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Green 'N' Growing: The history of 4-H and Home Demonstration in North Carolina
Living off the Land: Tobacco and Crop Science History in North Carolina, 1850-1950

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Morgan, Chad I. T. Littleton oral history interview 26-Jan-2007
Morgan, Chad (Chad Henderson) Charles Leffler oral history interview 15-Aug-2006
Thompson, Azariah Graves Letter from Azariah Graves Thompson, a student at North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, to his mother, September 23, 1905
Morgan, Chad (Chad Henderson) Jaine Place oral history interview 23-Mar-2006
Morgan, Chad (Chad Henderson) Larry Monteith oral history interview 11-Oct-2006
NCSU Glee Club, Band, and Orchestra North Carolina State 1950
Jackson, W. C. (William Colbert) W. C. Jackson's notebook listing his expenses during his years at North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
Morgan, Chad (Chad Henderson) David Winwood oral history interview 14-Jul-2006

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