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- Test [?] on agricultural terms
Giles, George Wallace The sweet potato vine-row harvester May-1947
Poe, Clarence Colonel Leonidas Lafayette Polk, his services in starting the N. C. State College of Agriculture and Engineering
Battle, H. B. 1862-1929 Forty years after: A speech 1966
Schaub, I. O. (Ira Obed), 1880- Agricultural extension work, a brief history Nov-1953
North Carolina State College. School of Agriculture North Carolina State College Inter-Collegiate Crops Teams : competing 1923-1941 inclusive at the International Livestock and Grain Exposition, Chicago, and the Kansas City National Intercollegiate Crops Contest, Kansas City, Missouri 1959
Schaub, I. O. (Ira Obed), 1880- North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station : the first 60 years, 1877-1937 Jan-1955