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Weaver, D. S. Agricultural engineering and the rural housing problem 1945
Ellis, H. M. Drying crops with a flue tobacco barn 1948
Poe, Clarence Colonel Leonidas Lafayette Polk, his services in starting the N. C. State College of Agriculture and Engineering
Lehman, Samuel George, 1887- Purple stain of soybean seeds Feb-1950
Brannon, C. H. Dusting for boll weevil control May-1931
Giles, George Wallace The sweet potato vine-row harvester May-1947
Forster, G. W. (Garnet Wolsey), 1887-1961 Horse-drawn versus tractor-drawn equipment 25-Jun-1947
North Carolina State College. Agricultural Extension Service Peanut production in North Carolina 1942
Townes, Henry K. Tobacco insect control in North Carolina Mar-1950
North Carolina State College. Agricultural Extension Service Cotton growing in North Carolina Apr-1942

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