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- Handbook on cooperative marketing 1923
Battle, H. B. 1862-1929 Tobacco curing by the leaf cure on wire and the stalk processes 2-May-1892
Poe, Clarence Colonel Leonidas Lafayette Polk, his services in starting the N. C. State College of Agriculture and Engineering
Tobacco Institute (Washington, D.C.) North Carolina and tobacco: A chapter in America's industrial growth 1961
Schaub, I. O. (Ira Obed), 1880- A history of the land scrip fund in North Carolina
Brooks, Eugene Clyde, 1871- How shall agriculture survive the depression Apr-1932
Thompson, Azariah Graves Typed transcript of the letters written by Azariah Graves Thompson while he was a student at North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
Jacobs, H. W. Norfolk Southern Farms, a land reclamation project: Report, 1918 Jan-1918
McCarthy, Gerald, 1858-1915 Some leguminous crops and their economic value 1-Mar-1894
Clement, Sheldon Leroy Variations in flue-cured tobacco prices May-1942

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