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- Notes for article on tobacco growers' cooperative 1924
- Why tobacco growers in Virginia, North and South Carolina [fund] the greater crop marketing cooperative in the United States
- Letter to the field services committee of the board of directors 1-May-1924
- Annual report of cooperative marketing associations to division of markets and rural organization, North Carolina Department of Agriculture, May 31, 1924 31-May-1924
- Handbook on cooperative marketing 1923
Brooks, Eugene Clyde, 1871- How shall agriculture survive the depression Apr-1932
Brockaway, C.J. Minutes of directors' meeting of N. C. Farm Bureau, Greenville, N. C., May 11, 1936
North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation Minutes of directors of N. C. Farm Bureau, March 2, 1936
Ellis, H. M. Drying crops with a flue tobacco barn 1948
Clement, Sheldon Leroy A preliminary study of cotton ginning costs in North Carolina Jun-1942

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