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Williams, C. B., 1871-1947 Improvement of corn by seed selection Sep-1903
Williams, C. B., 1871-1947 Selecting seed corn for larger yields Aug-1906
- Power and labor requirements of field crops
Williams, C. B., 1871-1947 Some factors involved in successful corn growing Jun-1909
Williams, C. B., 1871-1947 History and achievements of research in agronomy in North Carolina during fifty years (1876 - 1927)
Smith, R. I., 1882- (Ralph Ingram) Corn weevils and other grain insects May-1909
Cooke, H. L. Measured crop performance, 1947 Jan-1948
North Carolina State College. Agricultural Extension Service Cotton growing in North Carolina Apr-1942
Conner, J. T. Tobacco insect pests in North Carolina 1948
Ellis, H. M. Drying crops with a flue tobacco barn 1948

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