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- Cotton harvesting machinery
- Study of fundamental factors involved in machine methods of production of cotton and other principal crops of the southern states 1927
Shanklin, J. A. Seven steps to efficient cotton production Jan-1950
Shaw, Luther Control of fusarium wilt of cotton 1939
- Power and labor requirements of field crops
North Carolina State College. Agricultural Extension Service Cotton growing in North Carolina Apr-1942
Brannon, C. H. Dusting for boll weevil control May-1931
Williams, C. B., 1871-1947 History and achievements of research in agronomy in North Carolina during fifty years (1876 - 1927)
Battle, H. B. 1862-1929 Home-made fertilizers and composts, and the ingredients used in them, inclusing analyses of chemicals, and fertilizing ingredients such as can be saved on every farm May-1888
- Bread and meat versus cotton 1876

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