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- Why tobacco growers in Virginia, North and South Carolina [fund] the greater crop marketing cooperative in the United States
Debnam, W. E. (Waldemar Eros), 1898- Tobacco Associates, Inc. -- (Excerpts from the Smith - Douglas Broadcast of February 17 and 18, 1947, by Mr. W. E. Debnam
Davis, M. M. Two letters between M. M. Davis and I. O. Schaub, May 31, 1924
- Description of duties for the North Carolina State College college farm May-1925
Weaver, D. S. Farm machinery prices are low
Brooks, Eugene Clyde, 1871- How shall agriculture survive the depression Apr-1932
Collins, E. R. Soil fertility studies with peanuts Jun-1941
- Field service department expenditures for calendar year 1924 1924
- Annual report of cooperative marketing associations to division of markets and rural organization, North Carolina Department of Agriculture, May 31, 1924 31-May-1924
McCarthy, Gerald, 1858-1915 Some leguminous crops and their economic value 1-Mar-1894

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