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North Carolina State College. Agricultural Extension Service Peanut production in North Carolina 1942
Collins, E. R. Soil fertility studies with peanuts Jun-1941
North Carolina State College. Agricultural Extension Service Cotton growing in North Carolina Apr-1942
Williams, C. B., 1871-1947 History and achievements of research in agronomy in North Carolina during fifty years (1876 - 1927)
Floyd, E. Y. Factors affecting the quality of flue-cured tobacco Nov-1936
Battle, H. B. 1862-1929 Home-made fertilizers and composts, and the ingredients used in them, inclusing analyses of chemicals, and fertilizing ingredients such as can be saved on every farm May-1888
Mann, H. B., 1898- Approved practices for sweet potato growers Apr-1936
Colwell, William Earle Fertilizing peanuts in North Carolina Jun-1946
Dabney, Charles William, 1855-1945 Analyses of fertilizers 1885
North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station Trucking in the South, especially adapted to the needs of North Carolina cultivators 1895

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