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Nusbaum, Charles J. Letter from [STPmson] to Dr. Nusbaum 6-Oct-1944
Barss, Howard P. Letter from Howard P. Barss to C. J. Nusbaum 26-May-1945
Nusbaum, Charles J. Letter from C. J. Nusbaum to H.P. Barss 29-May-1945
Nusbaum, Charles J. Letter from C. J. Nusbaum to H. P. Barss describing symptoms of internal cork virus 20-Aug-1945
Lehman, Samuel George, 1887- Practices relating to control of tobacco mosaic May-1934
Stevens, Frank Lincoln, 1871-1934 Serious lettuce disease Jul-1911
Wolf, Frederick A. (Frederick Adolph), b. 1885 Wildfire of tobacco Nov-1922
Lehman, Samuel George, 1887- Purple stain of soybean seeds Feb-1950
Stevens, Frank Lincoln, 1871-1934 The Granville tobacco wilt : a preliminary bulletin Sep-1903
McCarthy, Gerald, 1858-1915 Some enemies of truck and garden crops 21-Apr-1892

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