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Lehman, Samuel George, 1887- Practices relating to control of tobacco mosaic May-1934
Nusbaum, Charles J. Letter from [STPmson] to Dr. Nusbaum 6-Oct-1944
Garriss, Howard R. Tobacco blue mold control 1950
Conner, J. T. Tobacco insect pests in North Carolina 1948
North Carolina State College. Agricultural Extension Service Better tobacco plants 1947
Mann, H. B., 1898- Approved practices for sweet potato growers Apr-1936
Stevens, Frank Lincoln, 1871-1934 The Granville tobacco wilt : a preliminary bulletin Sep-1903
Barss, Howard P. Letter from Howard P. Barss to C. J. Nusbaum 26-May-1945
Nusbaum, Charles J. Letter from C. J. Nusbaum to H.P. Barss 29-May-1945
Nusbaum, Charles J. Letter from C. J. Nusbaum to H. P. Barss describing symptoms of internal cork virus 20-Aug-1945

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