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Clement, Sheldon Leroy Variations in flue-cured tobacco prices May-1942
Barlow, Frank D. Jr. Mechanization in relation to the organization of farms (northern coastal plains area) Aug-1944
Debnam, W. E. (Waldemar Eros), 1898- Tobacco Associates, Inc. -- (Excerpts from the Smith - Douglas Broadcast of February 17 and 18, 1947, by Mr. W. E. Debnam
Weaver, D. S. Farm machinery prices are low
- Decision of Supreme Court of North Carolina in tobacco growers cooperative association versus W. T. Jones of Nash County, et al., Raleigh, North Carolina, April 12, 1923 12-Apr-1923
- To increase profits--reduce production costs
- Handbook on cooperative marketing 1923
James, H. Brooks Cost of power and production requirements by mechanized and non-mechanized methods of farming Apr-1944
Brooks, James, H., (Herman Brooks) Farm mechanization: Power costs and production requirements in the Nothern Coastal Plains Dec-1944
Louden Machinery Company Louden barn plans 1915

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