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- Notes for article on tobacco growers' cooperative 1924
Kennedy, Sidney G. The tobacco industry of North Carolina 1897
United States Employment Service. North Carolina Tobacco in North Carolina; growing, marketing and processing 1947
Cox, A. G. Letter from A. G. Cox to W. C. Jackson 4-Jun-1894
Jackson, Mary Letter from Mary Jackson to her daughter, Elizabeth Jackson, with a brief mention of tobacco on their farm
- Why tobacco growers in Virginia, North and South Carolina [fund] the greater crop marketing cooperative in the United States
- Letter to the field services committee of the board of directors 1-May-1924
Tobacco Institute (Washington, D.C.) North Carolina and tobacco: A chapter in America's industrial growth 1961
Debnam, W. E. (Waldemar Eros), 1898- Tobacco Associates, Inc. -- (Excerpts from the Smith - Douglas Broadcast of February 17 and 18, 1947, by Mr. W. E. Debnam
Floyd, E. Y. Factors affecting the quality of flue-cured tobacco Nov-1936

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