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Kennedy, Sidney G. The tobacco industry of North Carolina 1897
United States Employment Service. North Carolina Tobacco in North Carolina; growing, marketing and processing 1947
Shaw, R. Flake Letter to President Eagles and farm bureau leaders, March 11, 1947
Shaw, R. Flake Letter to county farm bureau presidents, secretaries, county agents, chairmen county PMA committees, and chief clerks in flue-cured tobacco counties, Febrary 19, 1947
Debnam, W. E. (Waldemar Eros), 1898- Tobacco Associates, Inc. -- (Excerpts from the Smith - Douglas Broadcast of February 17 and 18, 1947, by Mr. W. E. Debnam
Tobacco Institute (Washington, D.C.) North Carolina and tobacco: A chapter in America's industrial growth 1961
Battle, H. B. 1862-1929 Tobacco curing by the leaf cure on wire and the stalk processes 2-May-1892