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Jackson, Mary Letter from Mary Jackson to her daughter, Elizabeth Jackson, mentioning weather and the farm in their hometown, Wake Forest, North Carolina
Brannon, C. H. Dusting for boll weevil control May-1931
Jackson, W. C. (William Colbert) W. C. Jackson's diary relating weather and work on his farm 1912
Garriss, Howard R. Tobacco blue mold control 1950
North Carolina State College. Agricultural Extension Service Peanut production in North Carolina 1942
Killebrew, J. B. (Joseph Buckner) Tobacco. How to cultivate, cure and prepare for market 1900
Ellis, H. M. Drying crops with a flue tobacco barn 1948
Emery, F. E. (Frank E.) Co-operative field tests during 1891 and 1892 1-Mar-1893
Lehman, Samuel George, 1887- Purple stain of soybean seeds Feb-1950
- Delegates see much of nation on long trip

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