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- Benefits of covering your farm machinery for winter
Brannon, C. H. Dusting for boll weevil control May-1931
- Cotton harvesting machinery
- Bread and meat versus cotton 1876
McCarthy, Gerald, 1858-1915 Some injurious insects 10-Jul-1891
McCarthy, Gerald, 1858-1915 Some leguminous crops and their economic value 1-Mar-1894
North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station Trucking in the South, especially adapted to the needs of North Carolina cultivators 1895
McCarthy, Gerald, 1858-1915 Some enemies of truck and garden crops 21-Apr-1892
McCarthy, Gerald, 1858-1915 A new tobacco pest 21-Jul-1897
Stevens, Frank Lincoln, 1871-1934 Serious lettuce disease Jul-1911

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