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Title: An Implementation of Differentiated Services In A Linux Environment
Authors: Narasimhan, Kesava Prasad
Advisors: Dr. Yannis Viniotis, Chair
Dr. Mladen Vouk, Co-Chair
Dr. Douglas Reeves, Member
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2000
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Engineering
Abstract: The purpose of this project has been to implement a differentiated services (diffserv) router in software in a Linux environment. The objective is to enable the construction of a test-bed of such diffserv routers. One of the design goals is to make the software as modular as possible. This permits the various modules of the diffserv router to be configured easily. In addition, a very user-friendly script file interface was designed to configure the diffserv modules. Consideration was also given to the fact that in future, this code is expected to be integrated with a policy server. In this project, the emphasis was on functionality and not on performance. Hence, not much effort was taken towards optimizing the performance of the diffserv router.
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