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Title: Investigation of Surface States in Gallium Nitride Devices using a New High Frequency Measurement Technique
Authors: Ramachandran, Ramya
Advisors: Dr. Douglas Barlage, Committee Chair
Dr. Robert Kolbas, Committee Member
Dr. Mark Johnson, Committee Member
Keywords: GaN
RF dispersion
Surface states
Issue Date: 5-Oct-2006
Degree: MS
Discipline: Electrical Engineering
Abstract: Surface states place a limitation on the high-frequency behavior of Gallium Nitride devices by causing RF dispersion. They are also a source of undesirable 1⁄f noise. This thesis specifically aims to explore techniques to address known experimental observations of dispersion phenomena of unknown origin in the 1-30 GHz frequency range. A new method to investigate these at high frequencies is proposed. It involves the measurement of S-parameters between the drain and source of a GaN nin structure in the GHz frequency range. The basis of the proposed technique is the assumption that the behavior of surface states and other dispersion phenomena can be isolated by subtracting the behavior of the device from the measured Y-parameters.
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