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Title: Perormance Optimization of a Hybrid Wind Turbine-diesel Microgrid Power System
Authors: Milani, Neil Patrick
Advisors: Dr. Greg Buckner, Committee Chair
Dr. Herbert Eckerlin, Committee Member
Dr. James Leach, Committee Member
Dr. Alex Hobbs, Committee Member
Keywords: HPNSWD
wind turbine
Issue Date: 11-Mar-2007
Degree: MS
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering
Abstract: Nearly all off-grid, remote cold-weather facilities utilize diesel-only systems for both thermal and electrical power generation. In areas of minimal to moderate wind resources, these facilities could substantially decrease diesel fuel usage and could additionally provide for thermal energy production via the integration of a wind turbine system combined with resistance heating into the facility. Voltage and frequency grid stabilization could be obtained by using the diesel electrical generating unit as a synchronous condenser and by using incremental resistive load control, respectively. For systems following medium to high wind penetration guidelines, control components are required but no energy storage mechanisms are needed. This thesis investigates a High-Penetration, No Storage Wind Diesel (HPNSWD) system that can utilize available wind resources to minimize diesel fuel costs for the Scott Base facility — all without implementing expensive and maintenance-intensive energy storage devices.
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