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Title: A Conservative Approach to Mounting and Applying an Omni-directional Vision System onto EvBot II Mobile Robot Platforms, for Use in Accurate Formation Control
Authors: Burke, David Alexander
Advisors: Dr. Edward Grant, Committee Chair
Dr. Alex Dean, Committee Member
Dr. Charles Hall, Committee Member
Dr. Mansoor Haider, Committee Member
Keywords: machine vision
omnidirectional camera
region growing
connected region detection
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2007
Degree: M
Discipline: Computer Engineering
Abstract: The research sensing capabilities of the EvBot II mobile robot platforms were increased and enhanced by the addition of the omni-directional camera. This, along with the associated machine vision capabilities maintained the conservative approach of the EvBot II philosophy, fiscal responsibility with computational optimality. The research increased the capabilities of the EvBot II platform by demonstrating that omni-directional vision processing could be performed relatively economically on a PC 104, while leaving as much processor time available as possible for running other programs.
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