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Title: Performance Characterization of IP Network-based Control Methodologies for DC Motor Applications.
Authors: Richards, Tyler V
Advisors: Wenye Wang, Committee Member
James Brickley, Committee Member
Mo-Yuen Chow, Committee Chair
Keywords: Network based control
performance characterization
network delay
dc motor
robust control
optimal stochastic
gain scheduling middleware
control systems
Issue Date: 6-Sep-2005
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Engineering
Abstract: Using a communication network, such as an IP network, in the control loop is increasingly becoming the norm. This process of network-based control (NBC) has potential profound impact in areas such as: teleoperation, healthcare, military applications, and manufacturing. However, limitations arise as the communication network introduces delay that often degrades or destabilizes the control system. Four methods have been investigated that alleviate the IP network delays to provide stable real-time control. A performance measure is defined for a case study on a DC motor with a networked proportional-integral (PI) speed controller with various network delays and noise levels. Matlab simulation results show that NBC combined with these techniques can successfully maintain system stability, allowing control of real-time applications.
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