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Title: Transistor Modeling using Advanced Circuit Simulator Technology
Authors: Kriplani, Nikhil M
Advisors: Michael Steer, Committee Chair
Paul Franzon, Committee Member
Griff Bilbro, Committee Member
Keywords: Transim
MOSFET modeling
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2002
Degree: MS
Discipline: Electrical Engineering
Abstract: The advanced MOSFET model based on the Berkeley Short Channel IGFET Model (BSIM) version 4 is implemented in the circuit simulator Transim. The model is implemented as a charge controlled model using object-oriented programming and automatic differentiation. The result is a dramatically simplified approach to implementing the BSIM4 model in a simulator. The modeling technique does not use the associated discrete modeling approach commonly used in circuit simulators with the result that off-the-shelf numerical solvers can be used. The model is a simulator independent model and the same model code can be used for DC, transient and harmonic balance analysis. Implementation of the model was completed in 7 months with 17 pages of C++ code compared to the original code for the model implemented in SPICE that was 200 pages long. Results for an NMOS circuit are presented for DC and transient analysis.
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