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Title: Stimulated Emission and Laser Action from Gallium Nitride, Aluminium Gallium Nitride, Aluminium Gallium Nitride⁄Gallium NitrideQuantum Wells and Heterostructures
Authors: Al-Ajmi, Fahed Shammakh
Advisors: Veena Misra, Committee Member
Mark Johnson, Committee Member
Doug Barlage, Committee Member
John Muth, Committee Member
Robert Kolbas, Committee Chair
Keywords: Stimulated emission
Phonon-assisted stimulated emission
Quantum well
Laser action
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2007
Degree: PhD
Discipline: Electrical Engineering
Abstract: Stimulated emission and laser action at 77K and room temperature from GaN and AlGaN epilayers grown by metal-organic vapor chemical deposition on silicon substrates are presented. Electron-hole plasma is found to be the responsible for stimulated emission in these material at room temperature and 77K. Laser action with well developed Fabry-Perot modes from multiple bands was achieved at both temperatures from the GaN epilayer, A value of 2.9 is obtained for the effective index of refraction at room temperature. Also, stimulated emission from AlGaN⁄GaN single quantum wells and heterostructures is demonstrated at 77K and room temperature. Multiple bands exhibiting laser action are demonstrated from a 7.2 nm thick Al(0.06)Ga(0.94)N⁄GaN single quantum well at 77K and room temperature, and an effective index of refraction of 2.70 is obtained at room temperature. The shortest wavelength for laser action from an Al(0.13)Ga(0.87)NବGaN heterostructures at room temperature is also presented. Phonon-assisted stimulated emission from AlGaN⁄GaN quantum wells is first observed in this work. Laser action at 1LO down from multiple bands is demonstrated. Phonon sideband laser action is also observed without any near band edge stimulated emission at 77K.
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