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Title: Design of Fully Integrated Wireless CMOS MEMS Device for Intraocular Pressure Measurement
Authors: Anigulu Mohan, Deepak Kumar
Advisors: Dr. Kevin gard, Committee Member
Dr. M.K.Ramasubramanian, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Paul Franzon, Committee Chair
Keywords: Intraocular pressure measurement
CMOS mems
Issue Date: 10-May-2008
Degree: MS
Discipline: Electrical Engineering
Abstract: The thesis research presented here explores the design and fabrication of wireless Integrated CMOS MEMS device for continuous intraocular pressure measurement. A complete study of the existing solutions for sensing intraocular pressure is made and the problems involved in them are identified in the report. A simple, low power, less invasive solution for the application is then proposed. Electromagnetic modeling of the inductive link is done and optimum dimensions for the antenna are finally suggested. Complete design of all the components of the system such as control circuit, power conversion and conditioning circuits, reference circuits necessary for the reliable functioning of the device is presented. Integration of MEMS sensor along with the analog circuitry and antenna is detailed. Techniques for packaging the device in order to meet the standards for safe operation are then presented. The report has dedicated chapters on review of the existing sensors, Inductive link design, CMOS control and Power conditioning circuit, Sensor Integration and Packaging. The principles, methods, systems and circuits described in this thesis are applicable to other implantable wireless systems which have stringent requirements on power and space.
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