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Title: A Methodology for Study of Network Processing Architectures
Authors: Suryanarayanan, Deepak
Advisors: Dr.Gregory.T.Byrd, Chair
Dr.Ioannis Viniotis, Member
Dr.Eric Rotenberg, Member
Issue Date: 20-Jul-2001
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Engineering
Abstract: A new class of processors has recently emerged that encompasses programmable ASICs and microprocessors that can implement adaptive network services. This class of devices is collectively known as Network Processors (NP). NPs leverage the flexibility of software solutions with the high performance of custom hardware. With the development of such sophisticated hardware, there is a need for a holistic methodology that can facilitate study of Network Processors and their performance with different networking applications and traffic conditions. This thesis describes the development of Component Network Simulator (ComNetSim) that is based on such a tech-nique. The simulator demonstrates the implementation of Diffserv applications on a Network Processor architecture and the performance of the system under different network traffic conditions.
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