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Title: Design and Development of a Cross Platform Interactive Image Processing System
Authors: Krish, Karthik
Advisors: Dr. Wesley E. Snyder, Committee Chair
Dr. Joel Trussell, Committee Member
Dr. Edward Grant, Committee Member
Keywords: wxIFSView
Issue Date: 28-Nov-2005
Degree: MS
Discipline: Electrical Engineering
Abstract: The objective of this thesis is to design and develop a cross-platform software system which will enable the user to perform image processing/analysis interactively. The software system will have the ability to render images of any data-type and visualize them in many different ways. The software will also integrate many commonly used image processing and analysis algorithms, that can be run on the images. The cross-platform nature of the tool will help in making sure that a uniform interface is presented to the user irrespective of the underlying architecture. The system is designed to be modular which makes it suitable for future expansion.
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