Multicasting in a Partially Tunable Broadcast WDM Network

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Title: Multicasting in a Partially Tunable Broadcast WDM Network
Author: Thaker, Dhaval V.
Advisors: Dr. George N Rouskas, Chair
Dr. Harry Perros, Member
Dr. Wenkee Lee, Member
Abstract: We consider the problem of scheduling multicast packet transmissions in a broad-cast single hop WDM network. Tunablity isprovided only at the one end, namely at thetransmitter. Our objective is to schedule multicast transmission in a tunable transmitterand a fixed receiver broadcast WDM network. In a Single-hop WDM network having fixedreceivers, the unicast and multicast traffic can be scheduled by a single scheduling algorithm.If so, the problem of scheduling multicast traffic, reduces to a Wavelength Assignmentproblem as to assign wavelengths to the fixed receivers before scheduling multicast packettransmission. A receiver-to-channel assignment has to meet two con icting requirements.The first requirement is to minimize the number of retransmissions. The retransmissionsare caused when members of a multicast group are assigned to different wavelengths andthe group traffic is transmitted on each of these wavelengths. The second requirement is tomaximize the channel utilization, to balance the incoming traffic optimally on all the avail-able wavelengths. We address a fairly general version of the problem as we allow arbitrarytraffic demands and arbitrary multicast group membership distribution. First, we definethe Wavelength Assignment problem formally and prove it to be NP-Hard problem. Sincethe problem is intractable in nature, next we develop different heuristics. The heuristicsare evaluated based on their success in achieving the tradeoff between lower running timerequirements and the accuracy of the obtained result to the optimum solution. Finally, wevary the different system parameters such as the number of nodes, channels and multicastgroups and analyze their in uence on the performance of the developed heuristics.
Date: 2001-05-03
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Science

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