Two Step

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Title: Two Step
Author: Hall, Hilary Brooke
Advisors: Dr. Anne Baker, Committee Member
Dr. Thomas Lisk, Committee Chair
Wilton Barnhardt, Committee Member
Abstract: "Two Step" is a collection of seven previously unpublished short stories that capture the mood and mystery of a single moment in time. "Two Step" reveals the tension between love and contempt in the relationship of a newly married couple. In "Something Borrowed" a conflict between a mother and daughter is introduced after the daughter accepts a proposal of marriage from a man who gives her an engagement cake instead of a diamond engagement ring. "Late Afternoon" is the story of a brother and sister who find the dead body of a former enemy washed up on a wooded creek bed. Through variations in point of view, style, and tense, the four "Nightswimming" stories, focus on the flux of emotion that accompanies the coming of age. More than revealing the characters themselves, the stories explore the emotions, relationships, and decisions that have brought the characters to a particular point in time.
Date: 2004-11-07
Degree: MA
Discipline: English

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