Synthesis of a Conjugated Ladder Polymer for Application in Direct Writing.

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Title: Synthesis of a Conjugated Ladder Polymer for Application in Direct Writing.
Author: Monceaux, Christopher Jon
Advisors: Christopher B. Gorman, Committee Chair
David A. Shultz, Committee Member
Jeffery L. White, Committee Member
Abstract: Since the discovery of electroluminescence in conjugated polymers in 1990, electro-optic devices such as light emitting diodes, flat panel all polymer displays, and lasers have received a great deal of attention. Greater conjugation in these pi-electron systems leads to enhanced fluorescence and smaller band gaps. Upon this basis we have proposed exploiting these facets via a ladder polymer. A ladder polymer is an organic polymer that consists of linear molecules in which two cyclic subunits are linked together in a regular sequence, yielding a very rigid structure. Owing to their rigid structures and enhanced conjugation these materials would find many applications in nanoelectronics and high temperature environments, as well as exhibiting high laser damage thresholds. Several synthetic routes are proposed and explored attempting to successfully synthesize an A-B or A-A type monomer. This monomer will undergo palladium catalyzed alpha-arylation to form a processible precursor polymer which then will be chemically converted to an all aromatic ladder polymer.
Date: 2004-11-23
Degree: MS
Discipline: Chemistry

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