Performance Evaluation of Handoff between UMTS/802.11b based on Mobile IP and Stream Control Transmission Protocol

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Title: Performance Evaluation of Handoff between UMTS/802.11b based on Mobile IP and Stream Control Transmission Protocol
Author: Song, Jung Kee
Advisors: Dr. Wenye Wang, Committee Chair
Dr. David Thuente, Committee Member
Dr. Arne A. Nilsson, Committee Member
Abstract: Various wireless networks, contemporarily, have evolved as prime communication methods, encountering convergence paradigm among heterogeneous technologies including applications based on IP, which has given enormous impacts in our way of life because of its proved robustness and scalability as well as ample services. With the synergy of the two technologies, ubiquitous access to all-IP information sources has become reality. For wireless IP services, IP mobility is one of the major issues that should be resolved. Especially, the performance of handoff mechanism is a pithy issue that determines the performance of application level services. Although Mobile IP (MIP) and its extensions, as network layer solutions, have been proposed and standardized, their handoff mechanisms bring unavoidable transmission throughput degradation due to packet loss, registration delay, and transport layer blocking. Moreover, to accommodate MIP, significant quantity of modifications should be brought into each heterogeneous network architecture. In this thesis, we evaluate the performance of a transport layer handoff approach, mobile SCTP (mSCTP), and compare it with that of a network layer solution, MIP. mSCTP is based on Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), the third general purpose transport layer protocol, standardized by IETF. SCTP conceptually enables seamless handoff in transport layer without any change in IP protocol stack by its multi-homing feature and dynamic address reconfiguration (DAR) extension. We analyze the performance of mSCTP and MIP by introducing handoff delay, end-to-end transmission throughput, and packet loss, and conduct a simulation study of the two protocols in 802.11b WLAN-only and UMTS/802.11b integrated networks using NS-2 network simulator.
Date: 2005-08-18
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Science

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