Monte Carlo Techniques for Predicting Electron Backscattering

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Title: Monte Carlo Techniques for Predicting Electron Backscattering
Author: Kapraun, Dustin F.
Advisors: Fred Lado, Chair
Hien Tran, Co-Chair
Michael Paesler, Member
Abstract: The objective of this research is to develop and implement an algorithm that can accurately and efficiently predict backscatter yield and the trajectories and energies of electrons backscattered by solids. Taking into account the energy and direction of an incident electron, as well as the atomic number, atomic mass and density of the solid, our program determines a statistically reasonable path for the electron through the solid via Monte Carlo techniques. Such a model can and has been used in a variety of applications, but in this case we are interested in predicting the behavior of backscattered electrons. When applied to large numbers of electrons, the program provides statistically accurate results. In particular, excellent agreement is seen between the backscatter coefficients measured by Hunger and Kuchler and those predicted by our program. Furthermore, the angular distributions and energy distributions of backscattered electrons predicted by our program are consistent with those measured by Bishop.
Date: 2001-12-17
Degree: MS
Discipline: Physics

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