The Regime Diagram for Premixed Flame Kernel-Vortex Interactions - Revisited.

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Title: The Regime Diagram for Premixed Flame Kernel-Vortex Interactions - Revisited.
Author: Vasudeo, Nikhil Baburam
Advisors: Dr. William Roberts, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Tarek Echekki, Committee Chair
Dr. Kevin Lyons, Committee Co-Chair
Abstract: Regimes of flame kernel-vortex (KV) interactions are investigated numerically using a detailed mechanism for hydrogen chemistry. The parametric simulations explore a wide range of conditions that are representative of conditions encountered at various degrees of turbulence intensity. The results show that KV interactions can be classified into five different regimes, which include 1) the laminar kernel regime, 2) the wrinkled kernel regime, 3) the breakthrough regime, 4) the global extinction regime, and 5) the regeneration after global extinction (RGE) regime. With the exception of the last regime, the transition from one regime to another in the order listed corresponds to increasing the vortex size and strength. Operation at the RGE regime reveals interesting dynamics of the flame front that results in reignition or mending of combustion regimes after most of the original kernel has extinguished due to intense straining. Two different types of combustion zones are observed, which correspond to a flamelet structure as well as to more diffuse structures of merged flame segments. A revised regime diagram of the KV interactions is proposed that includes the broader range of KV interactions and incorporate the new RGE regime.
Date: 2009-12-03
Degree: MS
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering

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