Design And Study of Biodegradable Small Diameter Vascular Grafts

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Title: Design And Study of Biodegradable Small Diameter Vascular Grafts
Author: Agrawal, Pankaj
Advisors: Peter L. Mente, Committee Member
Alan E. Tonelli, Committee Member
Bhupender S. Gupta, Committee Chair
Abstract: In this research, the focus has been on designing and producing small diameter woven grafts having a biodegradable material. Woven tubes in diameters ranging from 3 to 6.5 mm are developed using a narrow width Muller loom. The material used is Polyglactin 910 biodegradable yarn of 56 denier and the structures developed are plain but with different degrees of tightness. The pick density is varied from 32 to 44 picks per inch and end density is varied by using different number of total ends. Accordingly, the experimental work in this thesis involved weaving of 5 different sets of tubular structures and examining their behaviors. Since the woven grafts needed to be heat set to develop a circular shape that was resilient, preliminary studies were conducted on the yarns to determine heat setting conditions that led to optimum set with minimum degradation in properties. Process parameters required to manufacture such structures are identified. The effects of degradation time and structural variables on the mechanical properties of the grafts are studied. The variables were the construction parameters and the days of degradation; and the properties examined were the change in mass and thickness of the graft, and the elastic recovery, compliance and porosity properties of the structures. Statistical analysis of variance is conducted to identify significant effects in several instances.
Date: 2003-11-13
Degree: MS
Discipline: Textile Engineering

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