Code Motion Techniques for STI in BBCP

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Title: Code Motion Techniques for STI in BBCP
Author: Vangara, Sunil
Advisors: Dr. Frank Mueller, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Mihail Sichitiu, Committee Member
Dr. Alexander Dean, Committee Chair
Abstract: Software thread integration (STI) helps in hardware to software migration by enabling integration of two independent software threads, which enables execution of the integrated thread in a generic processor. Automation of STI would help in obtaining efficient software versions of many hardware implemented functions. Bit banged communication protocols (BBCP) have been researched for implementation as software threads .Software integration is performed on the different threads of the implementation for obtaining efficient software versions. Though these integrated threads are efficient, these protocols include a message-level thread which is not integrated with any other threads. During integration, cocalls (coroutine calls) are introduced for context switching between integrated threads. The periodic execution requirement of cocalls results in some inefficiency introduced due to idle times introduced in the message level thread between bit level calls. We propose an optimizing algorithm to improve this and distribute the instructions in the message level thread across inter-bit calls to reduce the idle time. Our code optimization algorithm moves code from paths between inter bit calls which are larger (more execution time) to paths between inter bit calls which are smaller (lesser execution time). We adopt data flow analysis techniques similar to those used for partial redundancy elimination and dead code elimination.
Date: 2003-08-31
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Science

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