Secure Computer Applications in an Enterprise Environment

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Title: Secure Computer Applications in an Enterprise Environment
Author: Lowman, Tim
Advisors: Dr. Vicki Jones, Chair
Dr. Robert St. Amant, Member
Dr. Robert Fornaro, Member
Abstract: Sophisticated computing environments support many of the complex tasks whicharise in modern enterprises. An enterprise environment is a collective ofthe organization's software, hardware, networking, and data systems.Typically, many user workstations communicate with shared servers, balancingcomputer processing throughout the organization. In a "secure" modernenterprise issues of authentication, private communication, and protected,shared data space must be addressed. In this thesis we present a generalmodel for adding security to the currently popular enterprise architecture:the World Wide Web (WWW). The results of our investigation into adding security to the generalWWW architecture are reported in this document. We focus onauthenticating users (Kerberos), establishing a secure communicationlink for private data exchange (SSL), protected space to store shareddata (AFS filesystem), and an enhanced server (Apache) to integrate thesecomponents. After presenting our secure model, we describe a prototypeapplication, built using our approach, which addresses a common problemof secure online submission of homework assignments in a universityenvironment.
Date: 1999-04-05
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Science

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