Marketing to the U.S. Hispanic Consumer: Apparel Preferences and Strategies.

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Title: Marketing to the U.S. Hispanic Consumer: Apparel Preferences and Strategies.
Author: Campbell, Natalee Marie
Advisors: Dr. Pamela Banks-Lee, Committee Member
Dr. Michelle Jones, Committee Member
Dr. Traci A. M. Lamar, Committee Chair
Dr. Cynthia Istook, Committee Member
Abstract: The Hispanic population is the largest and fastest-growing minority group in the United States. Given its size and growth rate, the Hispanic market, as a whole, has grown in importance. The purpose of this study was to learn more about the U.S. Hispanic market in regards to apparel preferences and to discover how these products were being promoted to the Hispanic consumer. The literature suggests that the growth of the U.S. Hispanic market will lead to a greater demand for apparel. However, there is not much known about Hispanics’ apparel design and style preferences. Additionally, there are not currently many retailers who targeted this market specifically, so marketing strategies were not well documented. The methods used in this research encompassed smaller component investigations. Those component investigations included a pilot survey, visual content analysis of photographs, content analysis of Spanish-language television advertisements, and apparel store evaluations. After analysis, results provided insight to U.S. Hispanic consumersʼ preferences for design attributes of apparel worn in everyday situations. Results also identified methods used by the apparel retailers who were actively engaged in marketing to Hispanics through television and in stores. This was important research for apparel retailers, as it provided a better understanding of the apparel-design preferences of U.S. Hispanic consumers as well as determined opportunities for apparel retailers targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. For further research, the methodology used in this project may also be expanded to other geographical areas of the United States where television advertisements, photographs, and store evaluations could be conducted. Also, a more direct interaction with respondents could give more qualitative information enhancing the depth of understanding U.S. Hispanic consumers.
Date: 2009-04-24
Degree: MS
Discipline: Textile Technology Management

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