Implementing and Evaluating SCM Algorithms for Rate-Aware Prefetching

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Title: Implementing and Evaluating SCM Algorithms for Rate-Aware Prefetching
Author: Kulkarni, Amit Vasant
Advisors: Dr. Xiaosong Ma, Committee Chair
Dr. Vincent W. Freeh, Committee Member
Dr. Edward W. Davis, Committee Member
Abstract: File system prefetching has been widely studied and used to hide high latency of disk I/O. However, there are very few algorithms that explicitly take the file access rate or burstiness into account to distribute resources, especially the prefetching memory. In this work we draw parallels between file system prefetching and the field of Supply Chain Management (SCM), particularly Inventory Theory. We further describe two very commonly used algorithms in SCM that directly address access rate and uncertainty. We also implement these prefetching algorithms in the Linux kernel and present the performance results of using these algorithms. Our results show that with these SCM-based algorithms, we can improve the throughput of standard Linux file transfer applications by up to 33% and the throughput of some server workloads (such as Video-on-Demand) by up to 41%.
Date: 2009-01-06
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Science

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