Teaching Functions with Dynamic Graphing Tools: A Study of Lesson Plans

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Title: Teaching Functions with Dynamic Graphing Tools: A Study of Lesson Plans
Author: Hudnutt, Bethany Snyder
Advisors: Dr. Roger Woodard, Committee Member
Dr. Hollylynne Lee, Committee Chair
Dr. Karen Hollebrands, Committee Member
Abstract: Graphing technologies proliferate high school mathematics courses concerned with the teaching and learning of functions. Much research has been devoted to the examination of student use of such technology but tends not to differentiate between the technology itself and the lesson activities designed to implement that technology. Relatively little research, in comparison, has focused on how teachers choose to use such technology for teaching about functions and related concepts. This study investigates teachers' choices on how to implement two dynamic graphing java applets into their lessons for teaching about functions. The investigation primarily uses two frameworks in analyzing lesson activities: Vinner's (1983) concept images and the APOS (Action, Process, Object, Schema) theory of mathematical knowledge acquisition, initially conceived by Dubinsky and Harel (1992) and expanded upon by Asiala et al (1996). Using these two frameworks as a guide for analysis, teacher intentions for using the software are examined. Analysis of the lessons shows how teachers intend to develop a function's mathematical structure using the various representations of functions. Additionally teacher reflections on the lessons are also investigated to determine if they gained any new insights into their students' learning or their teaching.
Date: 2007-06-11
Degree: MS
Discipline: Mathematics Education
URI: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/resolver/1840.16/1609

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