Crack-free Edge Isolation of the Si Solar Cell Using a Single Mode Fiber Laser

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Title: Crack-free Edge Isolation of the Si Solar Cell Using a Single Mode Fiber Laser
Author: Rajule, Nilesh Gunwantrao
Advisors: Dr. Juei-Feng Tu, Committee Chair
Dr. Thomas Dow, Committee Member
Dr. Terek Echekki, Committee Member
Abstract: The need for increasing use of renewable energy resources is pushing the technology towards inventing high efficiency solar cells. The edge isolation process during the manufacturing of solar cells is very important step as it affects IV characteristics of solar cell. There is need to create deep edge isolation scribe to increase shunt resistance in the solar cell. The deeper edge isolation scribe can be created by focusing the laser deep into the solar cell substrate. However previous experiments done on Si wafer using pulsed laser shows there is possibility of void generation when laser is focused deep into the material. To perform edge isolation process using Continuous Wave (CW) laser; the void formation due to deep focus needs to be investigated. It is confirmed from the experiments that there is a condition for maximum focus position for the combination of processing speed and power to achieve crack free edge isolation. The depth of the scribe can be predicted from the 2D model for different speeds and powers. The process parameters for the process by 300W single mode fiber laser can be determined by achieving the edge isolation scribe which is free from cracks.
Date: 2009-12-04
Degree: MS
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering

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