Measurement Based Connection Admission Control

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Title: Measurement Based Connection Admission Control
Author: Jaising, Rahul
Advisors: Dr. Arne Nilsson, Committee Chair
Dr. Mihail Sichitiu, Committee Member
Dr. Mladen Vouk, Committee Member
Dr. Zsolt Haraszti, Committee Member
Abstract: We consider the problem of using the real-time measurements of the network elements for connection admission control on QoS aware networks. Our objective is to study the measurement process and determine the real-time utilization of a link, and use these measurements to determine the admission of new flows into the network, while providing statistical guarantees on the QoS ensured for the existing admitted flows. First we survey the vast amount of existing literature in the field and identify the components of a measurement-based admission control system, and the various factors which affects the performance of an algorithm. We use the ns-2 simulator to simulate some of the proposed (though not all) algorithms and test the performance of these algorithms for various arrival processes at the connection level. We use the results from these simulations to verify the performance claims of the various algorithms, and use the performance tuning parameters to find optimal performance regions. We study the buffer dynamics at the burst level and analyze the loss caused by admitting excessive flows. Our work extends from the existing literature in studying the effect of different arrival processes on the blocking probabilities of new flows and surveying an ad-hoc mix-and-match approach of the estimation technique and decision process to explore a higher performance benchmark.
Date: 2003-09-23
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Engineering

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