Verification of the Weathered Rock Model for P-y Curves

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Title: Verification of the Weathered Rock Model for P-y Curves
Author: Nixon, Joseph Blair
Advisors: Dr. Mohammed A. Gabr, Committee Chair
Abstract: Four full-scale field lateral load tests were conducted to independently verify the Weathered Rock Model for P-y Curves published by Cho (2002). Class A performance predictions were developed and presented to North Carolina Department of Transportation officials prior to testing. Performance predictions were calculated using the Weathered Rock Model, Reese's Method for P-y Curves in Weak Rock (Reese, 1997), and the Stiff Clay Model (Reese, Cox, and Koop, 1975). Field testing was conducted on two sites in Durham County, North Carolina; both sites were located within the Durham Triassic Basin. Two fully instrumented drilled shafts were constructed at each site; the instrumentation plan allowed for the measurement of top deflections, head rotation, shaft deflection and strain with depth. Results obtained from each test shaft are compared with respective Class A performance predictions. Results of verification testing show that the Weathered Rock Model can be used to accurately model the lateral deflection behavior of drilled shafts embedded in weathered rock profiles. Distribution of the subgrade reaction evaluated from testing results is compared with that published by Cho (2002) for other types of weathered rock. The magnitude of the increase in the subgrade reaction below the point of rotation for Triassic Weathered Rock is not as significant as that realized by Cho (2002). Recommended design procedures for using the Weathered Rock Model with either rock dilatometer data or geologic data are presented.
Date: 2002-11-14
Degree: MS
Discipline: Civil Engineering

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