Faculty Outcomes from Industry-University Collaboration

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Title: Faculty Outcomes from Industry-University Collaboration
Author: Meagher, Beth Marie
Advisors: Dr. Denis O. Gray, Committee Chair
Dr. Samuel B. Pond, III, Committee Member
Dr. Catherine R. Zimmer, Committee Member
Abstract: A large amount of research and development in the United States takes place at universities. In spite of the great number of research projects that have been done on industry-university research collaboration and industry-university research centers, the university faculty member has been relatively neglected in these studies. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to determine what information was available about faculty involved in industry-university collaboration. Limitations of the literature are discussed. Though the literature provides a general description of faculty involvement in industry-university collaboration, there is a strong need for further research in this area. This study sought to determine the kinds of benefits and outcomes that faculty members receive from their involvement in industry-university research centers and whether these benefits predict outcomes related to publications and satisfaction. Faculty from industry-university research centers nationwide were surveyed about their center involvement. Results showed variables at three organizational levels, the university, the center, and the individual, predicted satisfaction and scholarly productivity of the faculty member. The receipt of benefits by the faculty member (such as support for graduate students, access to equipment, opportunities for consulting, opportunities for research contracts, chances for promotion and tenure, and interaction with faculty) positively influenced outcomes related to satisfaction, theses and dissertations, total publications and presentations, publications and presentations with students, and publications and presentations with member scientists. Further, faculty symmetry with industry also predicted satisfaction and scholarly productivity.
Date: 2002-05-24
Degree: MS
Discipline: Psychology
URI: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/resolver/1840.16/1815

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