Mechanical and Laser Scribing For Use As Precision Shaping Techniques

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Title: Mechanical and Laser Scribing For Use As Precision Shaping Techniques
Author: Love, Bryan Matthew
Advisors: Dr. Jeffrey W. Eischen, Chair
Dr. Thomas A. Dow, Member
Dr. Ronald O. Scattergood, Member
Abstract: The purpose of this research has been to develop a model for mechanical and laser scribing processes used in the manufacture of hard disk drive heads. The scribing techniques are used to create small distortions on thin plates, allowing control over the shape of the plate. Analytical models for the scribing techniques allow more accurate control over the shape of the hard drive head, therefore increasing the performance of the drive. Using finite element techniques, prior models of mechanical scribing were extended to the three-dimensional case, allowing varying scribe length and placement. A force model for laser scribes was developed using similar finite element techniques and calibrated using experimental results. The laser scribing force model was parameterized, allowing the distortions by wide variety of scribes to be computed using simple equations. Consideration was given to modeling multiple scribes and complicated scribing geometries. Experimental results indicate that the model has a high degree of accuracy over a wide range of scribing geometries.
Date: 2001-05-14
Degree: MS
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering

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