Type-based Static Analysis of Web Documents with Embedded Executable Components

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Title: Type-based Static Analysis of Web Documents with Embedded Executable Components
Author: Wright, David Richard
Advisors: Matt Stallmann, Committee Member
S. Purushothaman Iyer, Committee Chair
Edward F. Gehringer, Committee Member
Abstract: Electronic documents have become an important medium for the exchange of information, and nowhere is this more evident than on the World Wide Web. Web-based documents can be dynamic and interactive with the inclusion of executable elements such as scripting languages, interactive multimedia components, and applets. This flexibility also brings the risks of incompatibilities between client applications, security and privacy concerns, and document integrity verification. Traditional document analysis has been restricted to examining the content of the document, as in spelling and grammar checkers, readability analyzers and keyword indexing, but these forms of analysis do not address the potential problems electronic documents may present. This thesis proposes that proven methods for analyzing computer programs may also be applied to documents with embedded executable elements. In particular, it is shown that type-based static analysis may be successfully and effectively employed to analyze a Web-based document to determine a set of browsers that will correctly render the document and provide all of the functionality incorporated into the document.
Date: 2003-04-07
Degree: MS
Discipline: Computer Science
URI: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/resolver/1840.16/1926

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