Understanding the UV Reactor Performance: A Lagrangian viewpoint

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Title: Understanding the UV Reactor Performance: A Lagrangian viewpoint
Author: Jang, Kiseok
Advisors: Joel Ducoste, Committee Chair
Abstract: KISEOK JANG. Understanding the UV Reactor Performance: A Lagrangian viewpoint (Under the direction of Dr.Joel Ducoste.) The UV dose distribution has long since been the primary source of information that completely describes the performance of a UV reactor for a single operating and or water quality condition. Currently, there are only two approaches to determine the dose distribution: 1) Fluorescent microspheres and 2) Computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Fluorescent microspheres have recently become an approach to validate the CFD predicted dose distribution. Unlike CFD modeling, however, they cannot reveal the UV intensity field or residence time distribution (RTD) that is needed for improved understanding of the behavior inside the UV reactor. In this research, RTD, UV intensity distribution and the relationship between them have been investigated by using modeling data from four different UV reactors under multiple operating conditions. This data was then evaluated as a possible alternative method for analysis of UV reactors. Additionally, the coefficient of variation (CV) for residence time and UV intensity were calculated using the UV modeling data for further understanding of the UV reactor performance. In some cases, analysis indicated that reactor configurations with very similar UV dose distribution had substantially different UV intensity distributions and RTDs, indicating a possible alternative analysis technique for UV reactors that could provide greater insight into the internal workings of the system. An experimental procedure using a wireless UV detector was introduced to measure residence time and UV intensity in the pilot test. Although there were still several limitations of the UV detector to accurately measure the UV intensity field from the point of view of the microorganism, the device displays potential to measure the local residence time and UV intensity.
Date: 2009-08-04
Degree: MS
Discipline: Civil Engineering
URI: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/resolver/1840.16/1949

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