Development of P-y curves for a Well Graded Gravel

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Title: Development of P-y curves for a Well Graded Gravel
Author: Clark, Shane Cecil
Advisors: Dr. Mohammed Gabr, Chair
Dr. Roy Borden, Co-Chair
Dr. Shammur Rahman, Member
Abstract: Research work is conducted to investigate the possibility of using laboratory model tests to simulate lateral response of drilled shafts embedded in soft weathered rock and discern their P-y curve function. Eight lateral load tests on instrumented model piles embedded in an Aggregate Base Course (ABC) medium are performed to evaluate the P-y curves. The ABC material is selected to simulate the response of soft weathered rock encountered in the field. The laboratory-evaluated P-y curves are compared to data from full-scale field tests performed in weathered rock. The two key parameters evaluated are the modulus of subgrade reaction (kho) and the ultimate lateral resistance (Pult). Using the laboratory-measured data, in comparison to measured field behavior, correlations for the subgrade modulus as a function of depth, as well as simplified approximations of Pult are developed for weathered rock materials. Results indicated that a hyperpolic P-y function seems to best represent the measured laboratory P-y curves. A comparison between laboratory and field data indicated that the ABC testing medium appears to yield kho and Pult that behave in a fashion similar to weathered rock material. Accordingly, it seems that, when appropriately mixed, that ABC can be used to model SWR encountered in the field. A distribution of kho with applied confining stress is evaluated and compared to results from procedures proposed by Reese (1997) for weathered rock and Terzaghi (1955) for stiff clay. A relationship developed for the distribution of subgrade modulus as a function of depth compared well with field data. The relationship of Pult with depth as a function of Geological Strength Index (GSI) and friction angle is also presented. All results are viewed in the context of the field measured response.
Date: 2001-12-04
Degree: MS
Discipline: Civil Engineering

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