An Investigation of High Speed Machining on CNC Routers used for Upholstered Furniture Manufacturing

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Title: An Investigation of High Speed Machining on CNC Routers used for Upholstered Furniture Manufacturing
Author: Annamalai, Sattanathan
Advisors: Dr. Steve Jackson, Committee Member
Dr. Cecil Bozarth, Committee Member
Dr. Thom J Hodgson, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. John S Stewart, Committee Co-Chair
Abstract: Productivity gains through high-speed machining (HSM) has become a major focus of the metal working industry. HSM also has applications in wood machining, primarily in operations such as upholstered furniture manufacturing where parts are cut from sheet material. This research considers HSM on CNC routers used in upholstered furniture manufacturing and includes (1) a review of the state of the art for HSM on CNC routers in wood machining (including an experimental evaluation of the performance of spindles, tool-holders, and tools), (2) an economic analysis which helps determine the conditions under which HSM is beneficial (including a computer program for comparing the economic aspects of HSM to conventional machining), and (3) the refinement of an existing computer program for predicting spindle motor power, torque, and cutting forces for HSM cutting conditions (necessary to evaluate spindle, chuck, and tool performance). The research effort has focused on overcoming technical problems relating to the machines, spindles, toolholders, and tools which are currently impeding the implementation of HSM on CNC routers. Technology to overcome these limitations has been identified, and where necessary, developed in cooperation with spindle, toolholder, and tool manufacturers. An effort has also been made to aid manufacturers in assessing the economic impact HSM could have on their operation. This effort has included the development of an easy to use HSM router economic calculation program. The results of this research are being transferred to industry and have resulted in a better understanding of the economics of HSM for CNC routers used in upholstered furniture manufacturing.
Date: 2004-09-19
Degree: MS
Discipline: Industrial Engineering

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