Methodology for Furniture Finishing System Capacity Planning

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Title: Methodology for Furniture Finishing System Capacity Planning
Author: Melton, Ryan Heath
Advisors: C. Thomas Culbreth, Chair
Stephen D. Roberts, Co-chair
Jeffrey A. Joines, Member
Don Ridgeway, Minor Rep, Member
Abstract: This research developed a methodology for the capacity planning of a furniture finishing system using both deterministic analysis and stochastic simulation. The thesis includes the development of an interface through which users can interactively build a simulation model of a finishing system. The Excel-based interface de-couples data input from the simulation model construction and execution. This provides a user-friendly tool for analyzing a finishing system. A manufacturing manager unfamiliar with simulation techniques can use the interface to conduct simulations and experiment with various input parameters such as line loading techniques and line speeds. Through the interface, results from the simulation can be used in an iterative process to analyze and refine design parameters of the finishing system. Adjustments to input parameters are made, and the model is re-simulated until the user discovers and eliminates any problem areas within an existing finishing system or accurately determines the required workstation capacities for a proposed system.
Date: 2000-11-13
Degree: Master of
Discipline: Industrial Engineering

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