Systematic Approach for Error Proofing Transaction Processes

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Title: Systematic Approach for Error Proofing Transaction Processes
Author: Sutton, Kristen Ruth
Advisors: Timothy G. Clapp, Committee Member
C. Thomas Culbreth, Committee Co-Chair
Jeffrey A. Joines, Committee Chair
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to develop a model to reduce errors in transactional processes within companies. The model created utilized three error proofing concepts: the FMEA, TRIZ Solution Directions, and the Error Proofing Healthcare (EPH) model. The research involved analyzing 250 FMEA’s that were previously conducted in a large transactional corporation and obtaining feedback from associates. The model that was created consisted of three phases. Phase one identifies the potential failures that could occur within a process while phase two uses TRIZ solution directions to create multiple innovative solutions and phase three uses a method called Solution Priority Number (SPN) to rank and evaluate the solutions generated. The SPN consists of the return on investment (ROI) and the ease of implementation of each solution. Excel worksheets were created to support the Error Proofing Transaction (EPT) model. A case study was performed within a large transactional corporation. A team completed the existing FMEA and then completed the new EPT model. When comparing the existing FMEA and the EPT model it was found that the EPT model reduced the team meeting time by 50% and produced more failure modes, more effects, more causes, more high risk failure modes, as well as a more enhanced set of solutions.
Date: 2009-04-23
Degree: MS
Discipline: Textile Engineering

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