From Laughter to Tears: What is it About Judy Blume?

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Title: From Laughter to Tears: What is it About Judy Blume?
Author: Tagsold, Jennifer Tingen
Advisors: Jason Miller, Committee Member
Deborah Hooker, Committee Member
Mary Helen Thuente, Committee Chair
Abstract: What is it that everyone loves about Judy Blume? I propose that Judy Blume is so popular and loved by young adults because of the candor, humor, and comfort that her novels never fail to provide. She has a way of letting young adults know that everything is going to be just fine. Her impact has affected millions over the years. Specific moments from Forever, Blubber, and Tiger Eyes illustrate Blume's candor and humorous way of viewing serious, realistic matters, from death and sexuality to being painfully humiliated due to one's personal appearance. These literary moments contain a great deal of pathos; they make readers laugh out loud or shed tears through Blume's distinctively candid creativity. In Letters to Judy: What Kids Wish they could Tell You, Blume has helped parents see life through their children's eyes. She provides letters from children who have written to her over the years for all readers to see that childhood is not as easy as adults often think it is. These letters provide a glimpse of Blume's empathy with young adulthood that makes her so appealing to readers of all ages. Examining these novels will allow me to select moments from Blume's writing that illustrate young adult experiences in a humorous, sad, or realistic light. It is during these moments that the reader is closest to and absorbed in the characters in Forever, Blubber, and Tiger Eyes. Exploring Blume's life experiences, awards, and writing style helps to provide the answer to what it is about Judy Blume that makes her such a treasured young adult author.
Date: 2007-04-06
Degree: MA
Discipline: English

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